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Teacher Guides

We haven't forgotten you teachers out there. The following are material ESE has developed to help teachers use NASA material in Earth science education. They are in PDF format, so you will need to download the free reader to view it.

  • Looking at Earth from Space - Teacher's Guide with Activities for Earth and Space Science
    This teachers guide replicates much of the material taught during the graduate-level course with the activities developed by teachers. Both are important elements in the series, Looking at Earth from Space, devloped to provide teachers with a comprehensive approach to using satellite imagery to enhance science education. (PDF, 9.7MB)
  • Looking at Earth from Space - Glossary of Terms
    This publication includes science and technology terms relevant to the Earth Science Enterprise, remote sensing, and direct readout (August 1994). (PDF, 2MB)
  • Our Mission to Planet Earth - A Guide to Teaching Earth System Science
    This guide's primary goal is for children to become familar with the concept of cycles, defined as a process that repeats itself in the same order, and to learn that some human activities can cause changes in their environment. (PDF, 958K)

Updated: January 22, 2003